7 Top Tips for Flyer Design


Flyers are a brilliant way to get info straight into the hands of your potential clients. You can get across info and images in a format that they can keep, so they’re a great opportunity. They’re also fairly cheap to print so high numbers is an option.

Here are my top seven tips for designing your flyers:

clarify your Message

It’s so important that you work out what you’re wanting to say on your flyer. Don’t just chuck everything at the page! Decide the message that you want to get across, and use the space to convey that message in a concise way. There’s nothing worse than a flyer that is filled with text from top to bottom; people just won’t read it!

make it Eye-catching

Depending on when and where you use your flyers, it may be that they’re displayed amongst others, or given to people who have no prior knowledge of your business. It’s so important that your flyer will stand out and catch peoples’ attention.

ensure it’s Visually appealing

You want to look professional, right? The way you design your flyers will massively impact the way you look to your potential future clients. So make them look visually appealing and well laid out, and people are much more likely to read it and be engaged. This includes the colours, the fonts and the imagery that you use.

it’s there for your customers

Your flyer is there to attract customers; so make it all about them. Design it with them in mind, and put effort into appealing to your specific target audience. Don’t just write about yourself on your flyer, but instead let the customer know how you can help them. Whether it’s helping them save money, get more clients, have a beautiful home, or be healthier, make them the main character in your story.

think about your branding

Your visual branding helps to convey your values, your USPs, and ultimately will help your customers buy and be loyal to you. So you need to have a think about the design choices you make, and how they look to those who see them. Then, be consistent. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be consistent with your design choices across everything you produce! It’s the only way you’ll get brand recognition, and enable your clients to trust you.

add a Call-to-action

Your customers need to know what you want them to do once they’ve read your flyer, so add a call-to-action. Do you want them to call you? To visit your website? To use a voucher code? They’ll only do it if you have this in mind when you create your flyer, and include it (even if fairly subtly).

print it well

There’s no point designing a beautiful flyer if it’s not printed well. Get a good company that you trust to do your printing for you; even if it’s slightly more expensive, it’ll be worth it.


I hope these seven tips will help you with your flyers. If you’d like Ocean Breeze Creative to take the hard work off your shoulders, do get in touch! Email at esther@oceanbreezecreative.com, or call on 07920057767 for a no-pressure chat.

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