Email Marketing

One of the best ways of keeping yourself in potential clients’ minds is by using email marketing. Doing it all yourself takes time and a lot of hassle, so Ocean Breeze Creative provides a range of services to suit your needs and make it easy for you.

The first option is for Ocean Breeze Creative to provide you with a template; you can then use this to create your own emails. Each email will be consistent, with a great design, but with the flexibility for you to insert any content that you would like.

The second option is that you provide the copy/content, but Ocean Breeze Creative design, create, and send emails out for you (with whichever frequency  you like). This option will save you a lot of time and hard work; all you need is to provide us with your content.

The final option takes all of the work from you completely. Working with an exceptional copywriter, we design, write, create and send your marketing emails; all you need to do is tell us who to send it to!

Do get in touch to discuss your requirements, and how we can help you!