Event Advertisement & Design

Ocean Breeze Creative can help you with your upcoming event. We can design a range of products to ensure that your event goes as well as possible. From invitations to tickets, wristbands and event decorations, our design will both bring people to your event, and help it to be as good as possible when they get there.

Just a few of the things we can design:

  • Event invitations (for print and digital)
  • Tickets
  • Wristbands
  • Festival flags
  • Advertisement Posters, Flyers
  • Programmes

Gift of Blessing Trust

Branding and logo design, website design, banners, flyers and postcards for the Gift of Blessing Trust. The Gift of Blessing Trust is a London-based charity, equipping people to live as Christians. It uses speakers, events, and a blog as part of its website, to get across its message. It required a brand that reflected blessing, … Continue reading Gift of Blessing Trust

Storylines 2019

A set of 12 animations for a Sunday School, as well as Activity Sheets and a flyer to advertise the series.        

Worship School

Branding, instagram and facebook campaign for large annual training event. All photos taken and edited.

Emmanuel Kids

Illustration and design for flyers, a roll-up banner and a colouring book, for Sunday School at Church of Christ the King, Brighton. (Logos designed by someone else)

St Hugh’s Ball 2015

Complete branding for St Hugh’s Ball 2015; a ball at St Hugh’s College, Oxford University. Social media campaign, flyers, posters, merchandise and a programme.