Five Reasons You Should Hire a Designer

Five Reasons You Should Hire a Designer

When it comes to designing for your business, whether it’s your logo, or your flyers, or even your facebook business page cover photo, there are absolutely loads of options. Unlike a few years ago, where you’d automatically go to a designer, there are now plenty of alternatives. You could go to a cheap crowd-sourcing website, like fiverr or 99designs. Perhaps you could use a website that has pre-made logos, where you just pick your design and add in your business name. Or you could even give it a go yourself, using a website like canva. So, what’s the best option?

Getting your design right is very important. Everything that you put in front of your potential clients will make an impression. It might even be the very first impression they get of your business. Your design has the power to influence your customers into trusting you or not. You want your flyers, branding, and everything else that you use to be as good as possible, and to represent your company as well as it can.

I understand that some of the alternatives to a designer can end up being cheaper. Especially if you’re just setting up your business, that can be very tempting. However, there’s several reasons why it’s worth forking out the extra money for a graphic designer. Here’s five of them.


One of the great things about hiring a designer is the flexibility you’ll get. Unlike getting a logo or flyer from a set of templates, you can specify exactly what you want. Your designer will be flexible enough to design what you’d like, however strange the request is! Want business cards in a weird shape? Want a logo that’s a specific colour? Need four different versions of your logo to be used in different scenarios, but they all need to somehow link together? Going to a graphic designer means you can call the shots and get what you want, when you want.


When you go to a graphic designer, you’re interacting with a person. You’re not dealing with a website where you have to wait for hours on the phone to get through to someone, or have to wait weeks for a reply to your email. You’re speaking to an actual person, who is there to give you a great service. They can fit around your requirements, and can help you along the journey if you’re not quite sure what you need or want. They’ve got the knowledge and expertise to design something incredible, but they’ll also care about you and your company enough to get to know you. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, just ask! And after the process is finished, they’ll still be there if you have any follow-up questions.


One of the risky things about going to a website where you pay a few pounds for a logo or going to a template website, is that you’re unlikely to get a logo that’s just yours. Believe it or not, it takes longer than a few minutes to design a logo for someone, so if you’re only being charged a few pounds, then it’s likely because you’re being given a logo that’s also being given to others. The same is true when you pick from a list of templates. If you want to make your business successful, then you don’t want bland, generic designs that could be anyone’s. You need designs that are made just for you. Designers will get to know your company and your brand, and design whatever you need to suit your company. It’ll make your brand more consistent, and will encourage customers to trust you.


Going to a designer makes it much more likely that you’ll end up with a design that you love. The designer will design in the way that suits you, often giving you the opportunity to make revisions and redesign until you’re completely happy. They’ll also be more likely to put some effort in before they start, getting to know you and your company; that means that the designs they make will be closer to what you want from the beginning. Trying to design something yourself will likely mean you’ll end up with something that isn’t as good as your business deserves, and you’ll end up wasting that time that you could have instead used on your actual business.


If you use a designer, it’ll make your life a lot easier in future. Your designs and your brand will be a lot more consistent if you use the same designer for each of your designs. You’ll get that consistency only by using a designer; using websites will mean you’re with someone different each time, and you’ll end up having to try and communicate your visual identity to each one in turn. It’s a lot simpler to find a designer that you’re happy with and stick with them!


So, that’s why you should choose to hire a designer. Let me know if you’d like a chat, need a quote or have any questions.

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