Five Top Tips for Designing an Amazing Logo

Your logo and branding is the most important thing that you’ll design or get designed for your business. It sets the tone for the whole thing. So I’m going to help you out with five top tips for designing an amazing logo.


What’s So Important About a Logo?

Get it right and it’ll give your clients the perfect impression. You’ll attract all the right people and people will want to use your services. Get it wrong and your business will look unprofessional and definitely not trustworthy. You’ll lose potential clients and might just slow your business growth down. And so it’s vital to invest in your logo and your branding. You want a logo that looks amazing and portrays all those things about your business that you’re most proud of. If it’s designed well, your logo will let your ideal customers know what your business is all about and encourage them to come straight to you.


If you can afford to, definitely go to a graphic designer for this job. They have the expertise to make sure your logo represents your business well and attracts the right target audience. I get that that isn’t an option for everyone though, and you might have to make one for yourself to use until your situation changes. These five top tips will help you either way – you’ll be able to double check that the designs that you’re getting from your designer are as good as they can be, or you can use this advice if you’re the one that’s designing. If you’ve already got a logo, use these tips to make sure it’s working well for you. So, here you go; five top tips for designing an amazing logo.


Keep it Simple

Your logo needs to work just as well on a pencil as it does on a massive billboard. There’s no point coming up with a really intricate design that then can’t be printed small. Keep your logo simple and it’ll be scalable, and usable in lots of different scenarios. It’ll also have much more impact and be more memorable. Think about the most successful companies, and then think about their logos. Apple, Google, Nike, McDonalds, you name it, they’re all simple. So keep yours the same, don’t overdo it.


Think about Colours

Colours have a big impact on how your business will be perceived. There’s been all sorts of studies on the psychological impact that certain colours have on the human brain, and we can make the most of that in the design that we use. For example, green will often represent friendliness, sustainability, whilst purple is more luxury, and blue has a sense of reassurance and stability. Think about what the colours you’re using will mean to your potential clients and make sure that you’re representing yourself well. When you’re picking your colours, I’d also recommend sticking to just 2 or 3 main brand colours. Any more and it becomes quite difficult to keep the brand looking consistent across the board.


Make it Last

Brand Recognition will help you to gain and keep clients for as long as possible, and will enable you to grow your business. This means that you want to keep your logo the same for as long as you can, so that people will recognise your business even if they’ve not bought from you for a few years. You therefore want your logo design to be long-lasting. Stay away from trends that might come and go, and instead have a logo that you could imagine both having worked 30 years ago, and working in 30 years’ time, as well as looking great now.


Represent your Business

When I work with clients who need a new logo, I spend quite a while getting to know their business, their values and their target market, before I even pick up a pencil to start designing. It’s important that you do the same, whether you’re designing for yourself or going to someone else. Work out what you want the logo to say to people. What does your business do differently,  and therefore what does your logo need to get across to clients (even subconsciously)? Who’s your ideal client, and how does your logo need to appeal to them? What specific values, whether it’s luxury, good value-for-money, eco-friendly, or trustworthiness, does the logo need to portray?

Spend some time before you begin designing working these things out. Write them all down and think about how you could portray your values in visual form. For example, an eco-friendly company will often use natural colours, like greens and browns, and have soft, unrefined edges, rather than crisp clean lines. A luxury clothing boutique, however, might use a cursive, calligraphic font, with purples, reds, and other luxurious colours. A bank is more likely to use a traditional font, with a simple, geometric logo, with clean, crisp lines, so that it appears more trustworthy and reliable.

When you’re thinking about these things, it’s often a good idea to create a moodboard. Put together a board with pictures of logos of businesses that do similar things to you, as well as logos that you like or particularly connect with. You can also include images that use the kind of colours you want to use. This will help you when you’re designing, to keep on track and end up with something you love. Obviously don’t copy like-for-like anything you see, but there’s nothing wrong with having a look at other logos to stay inspired.


Consistency is Vital

When working with branding, it’s super important that things are kept consistent. You want your business to become recognisable, and for people to know and trust your brand. That’ll only happen if your visual strategy is really consistent. So, when you’re creating your logo, make sure to design it in a way that means it can work in every situation. Decide what your colour palette is – 3-5 colours that you use whenever you’re creating content online or for print – and your staple fonts. Having these written down from the start will make things so much easier in the future when you come to designing anything from your flyers to your social media content. Design with this in mind!


So, there you have it.

Five top tips for designing an amazing logo. Use them to help you if you’re designing, to help you when working with a designer, or to check whether your current logo is really working for you. And if you don’t yet have a logo and want to have an informal chat about how Ocean Breeze Creative can design an incredible logo for you, just get in touch!

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