How to Grow your Business in 2020

New Year, New You, right? Well, how about making the most of the New Year to grow your business? You can use graphic design to make a big difference to your business this year. Here are four tips for how to use great design to get more clients this year.


Refine Your Brand

It’s absolutely vital to define, get right, and then use your brand well. Your brand is the way that you appear to your customers, and includes your logo, your colour palette and fonts, right through to your tone of voice, and how you handle complaints. It all makes an impression to potential clients. And it will directly impact whether or not someone chooses to use your services or products.

The visual brand is an important part of it, and one of the most important things to do with it once you have it, is to be completely consistent. Choose your colour palette, then use it on everything you put in front of people. Decide on the fonts you’re going to use, then use them on every invoice, flyer and website page. Why? Well, because consistency means that people recognise your business, and know what to expect. And when people know what to expect, they’ll trust you. And if they trust you, they’re much more likely to use your services.


Clarify the Message

When it comes to designing the marketing that your business will be using in 2020, it’s important to clarify your message. This means that whenever you decide to use a leaflet, flyer, banner, digital advert, or anything that’s advertising your business, decide what it’s for. It might seem obvious – ‘to advertise my business’, but you can go deeper than that. Perhaps it’s to encourage people to look at your website. Or maybe you want people to come into your shop and make the most of a special offer you’re putting on. You might want them to call you, or you might just want to raise awareness of what you do.

Before you start making anything, define its specific purpose. Then, when you design (or ask a graphic designer to do it for you), you can make sure that it does exactly that. Your flyers will be more effective if you keep them simple, with one overriding message. Add a call-to-action, and encourage your clients to engage with you in whatever way you want. Don’t confuse or bore them with loads of unnecessary text, but keep the design looking great.

Deciding the goal will also help you to see how successful the marketing campaign has been – i.e. how many calls did you get? How many people used your voucher code? Easy to measure and therefore much more helpful for deciding future marketing options.


Stand Out and Be Memorable

There’re a lot of businesses out there. Unless you’re doing something very niche, you will have competitors. So do something that’s going to make you stand out. There’s a few ways that you can do that using graphic design. For example, get a motion graphic designer to create a video that explains your services using animations. Ask a graphic designer to design a beautiful bespoke illustration that no-one else will be using. Using things like bespoke designs, illustrations or animations will make your business memorable.


Prioritise the Quality

Everything you put in front of potential clients will make an impression, so it’s vital that it’s all high quality. Give them flyers that are printed wonkily, or post a blurry photo on your social media, and you’ll end up causing them to think that your business produces low quality products or won’t quite give them the professional service they want. Attention to detail really will make a difference. Prioritise the quality, even if it ends up costing slightly more.


Hopefully these tips will help you use graphic design to your advantage in 2020. And as always, contact me at if you want to have a chat about how I can design something for your business this year.

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